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The Hero Journey's mission is to give its participants the highest quality mind/body fitness experience, in under an hour!

About Us

What is a Hero Journey?

The Hero Journey, Fitness for Body, Mind, & Soul, is not a “gym”; It’s an experience! Inspired by Michael Stephens’ personal journey from a boxer to a healing facilitator, the Hero Journey embodies all the attributes of the Hero Myth within itself. The workout can be broken down into a fundamental cycle: Separation, Journey and Return. That is the process of the hero being separated from their comfort zone, their journey into the physical and mental unknowns, and their return home with new knowledge and power gained through their workout experience. This is the model of The Hero Journey!

  • Michael Stephens

    Owner of The Hero Journey

The Workout

HIIT Boxing

The first, 20 minute, stage of the journey consists of three intervals of high intensity bag drills. Each interval consists of three rounds:45 seconds of high intensity, 20 second rest. These intervals are a combination of striking, plyometric and calisthenic exercises,…Read More >

Restorative Stretching

The second, 20 minute, stage of the journey is a full body stretch that focuses on relaxing all of the major muscle groups of the body. The greatest challenge of this stage is for the hero to remain focused, in a stretch position, for a prolonged period of time,… Read More >

Rhythmic Breathing

The final stage of the Journey is a 15 minute round of rhythmic breathing. This exercise consists of three main components: creative visualization, rhythmic  breathing, and intermittent hypoxia… Read More >

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